26 February 2013

Braid Cable With Tubular Cast On 3x3

On the 22 February 2013 last Friday. I spoke of the Braid cable. On the 19 February 2013 I also talked about the Tubular Cast-On

The reason I add those two combination, I am working up to making a stretchy cast-on, for a hat, cowl, socks, collar, any thing you would need stretch to put on, so it will not be tight, or stretch out of shape.

Tubular Cast-Off:
 At the bottom of this swatch I am showing that you can still do a  tubular cast-on, combined with a 3x3 ribbing. The above image, of the swatch that I had  knit is 3x3 tubular cast on using waste yarn. This swatch was knitted in a stocking knit stitch of 4 rows. My 4th row is my back side of the swatch, this  is where I had picked up the rest of the stitches.  (You only cast on 1/2 of the stitches.  Example: if you have 32 stitches to cast on. You would cast on only 16 stitches, and pick-up 16 stitches.)

Cable Swatch with Tubular Cast-On:

At the bottom of this swatch. I had did a tubular cast-on, with the waste yarn swatch, using the 3x3 ribbing. The trick with the waste yarn cast-on, you would need to do a minimum of 4 rows, in order to get that stretch.  I have tried, 2 rows, it was too tight, 4th row was what gave me the stretch in the 3x3 ribbing. That will be a completed 2 round trips.  This show you that not only can the tubular cast on can be accomplish in the 1x1, 2x2 ribbing it can also be accomplish in the 3x3 ribbing.

This is where you are doing your pattern gauge for your garment that you will be making with that stitch pattern that you have chosen. Swatching is where you can experiment with cast-on's and cast-off's, along with your stitch pattern and gauge calculation. When you are doing a swatch, this is where your trial and errors come into play.  Experimenting, what works for you.  In this image the cast-off I used is the I-Cord.

Two Tubular cast-on waste yarn:  

There are 2 tubular waste yarn cast-on that I use.

1st Tubular Cast-on: (Video 1 is for this cast-on)

 For this tubular cast-on you knit 4 row with the waste yarn. With your main yarn you had decided to use for your project, you will knit  4 rows. If your main body will be knit with a size US 10 knitting needle, go us to a size US 13 and knit the 4 rows, and drop down to a size US 10 that is your main body knitting needle, and start working your ribbing. Once again you have to experiment with different size knitting needles. What might work for me, might not work for you.

2nd Tubular Cast-on: (Video 2 is for this cast-on)

  This tubular cast on, you cast on with two different yarns to make the cast on. You will cast on with your main yarn and the waste yarn. I use my stash cheap cotton yarn for the waste yarn. With this type of cast- on if your main body is a size US 10, drop down to a size US 6, and and when you make the ribbing work 4 rows with the US 6, when you get to the ribbing part of the row, work that section no larger then a US 8. Then when you get to your main body, then go back to your US10 or US11. depending how dense you want your cabled garment.  

This cast-on to me is very lose, when you pull away your life line, that is why I have suggested to drop down to a smaller needle size. I am not a fan for this cast-on. 

Swatching 1st: this is where you can experiment, and see what knitting needle is appropriate for the garment you are knitting. Not all worsted, fingering, sport weight yarn is created equally, so this is where you make you adjustments.  This where you experiment comes into play.  I try several cast on, I use several size knitting needles, and decide then this is was type of drape, feel, look I would like in my garment.

What will work for me, you might not care for that drape, the feel, the look that I may like.


1st Tubular Cast-On:

 The waste yarn swatch tubular cast on method I use all the time.  This is what works for me.


2nd Tubular Cast-On:

Tubular cast-on, with 2 different color yarn. Not a huge fan for this tubular cast-on.


There are so many ways to do a tubular cast-on. These are just the two that I have chosen. 

The 1st cast-on with the waste yarn mini swatch, is what I use all the time, and I learn that I can customize this to my needs.

2nd Tubular cast on, I had to experiment. I'm still not a huge fan with this tubular cast on.

I hope I gave you a better understanding about tubular cast-on for ribbing more then just a 1x1 or 2x2 ribbing, you can also do a 3x3 ribbing with a tubular cast-on.


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