27 February 2013

Braided Cable Hat - Chart

Early this month I started on knitting a simple cable cowl, with that I was showing you how easy it was to read a cable chart. 22February 2013, I had showed you the Braid Cable and how to read a chart for the Braid Cable. 

26 February 2013 Tubular cast-on with a 3x3 ribbing.  This tubular cast-on had open up endless possibilities to many future projects you have in mind.  Socks, cuffs, cowls, hats. Anything that will need a cast on edge, and need stretch.  Below is the completed chart of the Braid Cable Hat Pattern - Chart (PDF).

26 February 2013 I showed you various swatches, with 2 types of tubular cast on.  That a 3x3 can be achieved with a tubular cast on.(on the image or the date that will take you to the link.)

Swatching:  Is the most important, in any project, not unless it's shawls, or wraps,  scarves.  Then all bets are off in swatching. 

Below is the pdf that you can down load Braid cable hat chart:

Braid Cable Hat - Chart

I finally finished the braid cable hat in chart. You can download the PDF file.

Get the latest Adobe reader for free at Adobe website. 


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