07 February 2013

How To Block Your Completed Project

Blocking, so under rated: 
YouTube video is included.

When I block my 1st shawl project.

1st shawl project.
Maluka. It is a chart pattern


There was not that much information, only what was on Ravelry and then that was not in great detail. I was actually terrified of blocking, fear of making a huge mistake with wet yarn fabric I had just made. I eventually figured it out.

Blocking no longer became terrifying. I had started knitting samples of the pattern that I wanted to knit, and I started blocking the samples of the pattern to see what they look like block. I thought Wow! Beautiful.

Frozen Leaves
Frozen Leaves:
The Scarf

This is my favorite winter shawlette, pattern by Stephen West. Groove. Get so many complements. Love the pattern, easy to understand. 

This was ok to block. I had to use a c-thru quilting 24 inch ruler, I had try and get the cables line up.

The blocking had nothing do with pattern, it was just me trying to figure out how to block this shawlette. I just could not keep the round shape. So I had do like so many on Ravelry and became creative. 

Blocking does wonders to a hand made garment. 


Here is a YouTube video to show you how to Block.

Knitting and Crochet Blocking 101:


Hope this will help you understand how to block.

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