12 February 2013

How To Make a Niddy Noddy


How to make a Niddy Noddy:

You never realize how valuable this tool is...


Now that the Niddy Noddy functions have been reviewed.  Let's get to the part of building one. 

Skill Level:  Basic 

  • know how to use your cutting equipment with saefty.
  • know how to use a measureing tape.
Time:  Depends on you.

As always use safety, while using any equipment.

Safety 1st: Always protect your beautiful eyes.

Safety goggles. If you wear glasses that's fine. I wear my house glasses. I have a fly pair that are for distance/going out.

Safety 1st

Tools You Will Need:

Measuring Tape

Cutting Tools:

Dry Wall Saw

PVC Pipe Cutter:
I use the PVC pipe cutter a great deal.

Adjustable Table Top Vise Grip:

This will be your 3rd hand


Safety:  Make sure you cover your precious eyes.

Wear Eye Protection

Haber Freight     BigLot's
Home Depot
$1 Store

Never say "it'll take 5 minutes." Protect Your Eyes.



Home Depot or Lowes

1- 3/4"-10 feet PVC Pipe (If you are buying brand new)
1-3/4"- 36 inches = 91.4 centimeters PVC Pipe
2 - 3/4- PVC Pipe Tee

Now if you have larger 1"PVC, and I actually ran out of PVC Pipe Tee 3/4" I used a 1" and used insert down size connectors. That's what the red arrows are pointing to.

Check to make sure when you are purchasing your PVC Pipe Tee's they are 3/4". Try fitting Tee's on the end of the pipe at the store. Tee's are in a box on a shelf. The Tee's can be mix up. 



4 - 4 inches = 10.16 cm
1- 18 inches = 45.72 cm

4-end caps
1-Cup hook

If you don't know how to use the tools, or want to save money and time, any Home Depot  will be nice enough to cut the pieces for you. Just ask nicely.  


Safety 1st:  
Make sure you cover you precious eyes.

Wear Eye Protection: 

Haber Freight     
Big Lot's
Home Depot
$1 Store

These are to name a few places above that you can get Eye protection.


Putting It Together:

4 - 4 inch PVC Pipe 

2 - PVC Pipe Tee 

Connect 2- 4 inch PVC Pipe in each PVC Pipe Tee

18 Inch Pipe:

18 Inch PVC Pipe put the PVC Pipe Tee's on each side that you connect the 4 inch PVC pipe on each side of the PVC pipe Tee.



When you use this Niddy-Noddy it should be at a 90 degree angle. Shown in the image below.


How to use a niddy noddy and twist a skein of yarn:


Skein of Yarn Will look like this: Depending how Sexy You want your yarn to look. 

Traveling With Doctor Who


As Always:
"You're to Beautiful to let anyone stress you out."
That raises your pressure, make you look old, and make you feel miserable. Misery loves company.