15 February 2013

How To Read A Cable Chart

Last week on the 5 February 2013, I provided, a basic cable cowl. With written instructions. 

Included with that instruction was a:

Start up row with 8 steps of detail, to get started on the beginning of the pattern. 

What we will discuss is how to read a cable knit chart. I was excited about learning how to read a cable and lace chart. It became a joy to knit. You could see the beauty within the chart.

Most knitting patterns give cable instructions in chart form. These cable charts show the cable stitches turning rows, and often some background stitches. Depending on how complicated the cable pattern is the chart may show you one repeat of the cable or an entire piece.

Chart symbols are not standardized, every pattern has a key to the symbols used. Below this chart show a 6- stitch left twist cable.

The above chart represent the front side of your knitting. Each square in the chart represents a stitch. 

Break Down of this Chart:

Horizontal line in the square: Indicates a stitch that you purl on the right side and knit on the wrong side.
  • Empty square: Represents the cable stitches, which you knit on the right side and purl on the wrong side. 

  • Empty square: (not a cable stitch area)  Represents a knit stitch on the right side (street side) and purl on the wrong side.

  • The cable symbol in the turning row: Indicate whether to hold the stitch in front or back. (row 5 on this chart)

When you knit cables you don't have to cross stitches on every row. You only cross on the turning row. After the turning row you will work several plain rows, and then work another turning row.


**Be sure you check your pattern's chart key before you begin knitting**


Provided is a YouTube video:  
To show you how to read a cable chart.

Hope the video help you to understand how to read a cable chart.

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