13 February 2013

I-Cord Bind Off

Nothing can complete a project, and give the garment a professional look then the right cast off.  

This cast off, would be the I-cord Bind Off. The I-Cord bind off is very time consuming. The results you will get will always be a sturdy polish look to your 
completed garment.

 97% of my completed garments, finished with an I-Cord Cast off. This would also include lace shawls.                           

The I-cord makes the garment appear to be sturdy. 

Lace Shawls and I-cord Bind off:

Aunt Caries Wythlovy
 The reason for using the i-cord for lace shawls, it will give you the sturdiness with out feeling the yarn will break during the process of Blocking.

Here are two close-up examples:

This is without the i-cord bind off

This is with the I-cord bind off
My Tudora

With the I-cord bind off, it gives the Tudora a sturdy bottom.

Closer look of the I-cord bind off:

M Tudora
I-cord, worked on the bind off row, makes a decorative edging that is firm and has a nicely finished appearance. Applied i-cord is lovely for neck or front edges where a simple, clean look is wanted rather than a garter stitch or ribbed edge. 


Here is a YouTube video to demonstrate how to make an I-cord:


I hope this demonstration have help you to learn how to make  an I-Cord, to  finish off your hand made item, giving it that  professional look.

As Always:
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