19 February 2013

Tubular Cast- On

Tubular Cast-On give you garment a nice professional look.  Cast-on is probably on of the most important especially in hat's and top down socks. Have you ever knit a lovely hat, and it's too tight to even get it on your head, and you know know you did the right stitch count, and you follow the pattern step by step. On a sock you can't put your foot in, and you give it away to your child, or someone's child. (That's why I start making socks from the toe up) 

Tubular cast on can't solve all your problems, it can give it a fighting chance.

This hat, I had used the tubular cast-on. See how the edge is round.   The tubular cast-on edge gave the hat a sturdier appearance. 

This tubular cast on, I had used a US 13 cable needle and waste yarn method fold over (the video is provided below). It is stretchy. I had to also realize, that not all heads are created equal. 

Here is an image of my other hat. If you look at the cast on edge, you can see that I did not use the tubular cast-on stitch.  It's definitely stretchy, it's stretchy enough to get on with no hair.
<---- long tail cast-on. 

If you compare both images you realize that the edge on the 1st hat is rounder, and if you look at the hat with the braid cable, you see that the edge is flat, unflattering appearance. The braid cable is lovely, but to me I made my own garment look cheap by not taking that extra step by making that tubular cast on.  Why I did the tubular cast-on, on the (1st image) wine red hat. The braid cable ribbing 3x3 intimidated me,so I did  not attempt the tubular cast on. I've learn over the years. You can correct anything to make it work. You can unravel yarn, and start over. 

The tubular cast on leaves a nice, stretchy edge. It is specific to k1, p1 ribbing. However any ribbing sizing 2x2 and 3x3 ribbing can use this cast on. You start as the 1x1 ribbing the 1st row, when you pick up the extra stitches on the next row you start the 3x3. Your cast on will have a stretchy edge.

The YouTube video I have provided, will show you an easier way do a tubular cast-on.  There are several ways of doing a tubular cast on. Try the tubular cast on and decide which one you prefer.

Tubular Cast on Using Judy's Magic Cast-on:

Tubular Cast-On with Waste Yarn:  This is my favorite. 

Tubular Cast-On With Waste Yarn: 

I hope this help you for your next project, to do this Tubular cast on which makes all the different from hand-made to professionally made.