16 February 2013

Week In Review 16 February 2013

Did you miss any CWL Fibers posts  this week? Well here’s this week in review—all of this week’s CWL Fibers posts in one place!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Niddy Noddy and It's Function: Brief History

11 February 2013

Niddy Noddy is a tool used to make skeins from yarn. That includes and not excluded for plying yarn after spinning. Skeining wool roving, you know that 84 inches give how many ounce (you would have to weigh the roving) Skeining for dying your animal fibers. It's about the history.           Read more ->


How To Make a Niddy Noddy:  With PVC

12 February 2013

Lowes/Home Depot and purchase one 3/4" PVC Pipe. Believe me, I'm sure some was there first doing the same thing. There is so many think you ca build with a PVC pipe. If I tell you then you would know all my lovely secrets of my studio.   



I-Cord Bind Off

Nothing can give you completed garment, and professional polish look then the right cast-off.
The   I-Cord cast off is a beautiful cast off. Not
 only does it make the item well made it also anchors the bottom of any garment after
 completion so it will not roll back on itself. Sock, shawl, cowl/neck warmers, just to name a few.


Happy Valentine Day!!!!!

14 February 2013

Heart crazy I did for Valentine day.I thought the hearts would be so cute in a so many colors.  It can also be a mini skein buster. The mini skeins you did during your test drive of the dye you were going to.  It is a quick knit. You can learn so much from this 1 pattern. I made them for my Babies, and add catnip in all of them.  That was there Valentine's.



How To Read A Cable Chart

15 February 2013

How to read a cable knit chart. 
Last week I stared out with reading a Lace Knit Chart.  How can you stand trying to decipher what the person had wrote, I rewrote a pattern for the Purpel Cowl for this cable chart. I saw it and couldn't understand it myself almost.

"I may have selective hearing, but I be damn if I want to go blind."

Why not open up a new world in your knitting. Once I had learn how to read charts in knitting and crocheting, I start enjoying my knitting more. Learning how to read any kinda of chart for knitting and crochet will open up a new world in your fiber art.